Link Builder: who he is and what he does

Link building is an SEO optimization technique that deals with the creation of link mass on your site. With the widespread of Internet marketing, link builders have grown to be a highly demanded asset. These are SEO experts that create link profile and purchase links for websites. So, what are their skills and primary responsibilities?

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External links are a crucial factor for ranking in the search engines. These SERPs will show users high-quality resources and popular websites that have many external links which is what you want for your website. Gaining external links naturally is a long process, and even websites running for years might be having very few links.

However, an authoritative website will be categorized with the number of external links, which is why you ought to find the perfect link builder that will get you as many high-quality backlinks.

Link Builder

With more and more websites sprouting every day, there has been demand for the websites’ promotion than ever. Website owners wishing to rank high in the search engines always aim at using SEO services to boost their ranking thereby looking for experts.

There before SEO specialists performed both external and internal optimization; however, today, things are different. Web projects have expanded tremendously, and that means more specialization is required for precision.

A link builder is an expert who creates and builds a link profile for your website. During link building strategy, the builder will not only concentrate on getting a large volume of links but also have to ensure the backlinks are quality links from high-authority websites. Backlinks from spam and low quality websites would be a mistake and could lead to search engine penalties.

Link Builder Duties

A link builder is tasked with a strategic action plan and monitoring of the results of his program. Their standard duties include:

  • Looking for partner and advertising websites and get link exchanges
  • Creating a plan for external optimization of the website
  • Account maintenance and registration on catalogs, reference exchanges, and thematic forums
  • Backlink placement, reporting, and performance analysis
  • Work with content. They will monitor the articles bearing the backlinks

Link Quality Features

Link promotion is not the only thing link builders concentrate on. The weight and trust of resources linking to your website should be considerable if your site is to rank higher. Backlinks from authoritative websites bear more weight and could help boost the SEO results.

When looking for a website to link back to yours, check on the traffic and the site’s age, among other indicators, to determine its usefulness. Here are the parameters the link builder must consider when buying links:

  • Content environment

External links are part of the content created. The link should be in sync with the content environment to make it appear natural.

  • Relevant website

Look for a website that promotes content closely related to what you are linking to on your website.

  • Gradual Process

Link promotion is a consistent process. A rapid increase in external links will alert the search engines of a suspicious activity. Schedule the buying of links consistently and smoothly boost your link mass.

Link Building Plan

Before embarking on the link building campaign, you ought to create a strategy to follow. The plan should contain the following steps:

  • Choose the landing pages for the website
  • Have in mind the different types of links (crowd, perpetual, rental, network link)
  • Create an anchor list that has the intended keywords
  • Have the total budget for the transaction
  • Come up with a placement and schedule frequency

Monitoring and Analysis

A quality link mass requires continuous monitoring with the following indicators:

  • Indexing new links
  • The topic of donor websites
  • Tracking lost and broken links
  • Checking link placement

The link builder ought to analyze the backlinks and track the dynamics of the website’s ranking position. Only then will they be able to understand how efficient their strategy is. They will create reports based on the outcome of the results.

Purchasing Links

You can independently look for websites where you will post your links. Some high-authority websites will accept well-written articles bearing a link to your site, while some would only be interested in exchanging links. Accommodating prices and conditions can be discussed by phone or email, as specified by the donor website.

Link exchanges have an advantage as it is a vast catalog of sites that can set a working system for purchasing links and even a search criterion. With a link exchange, you can keep projects on your account on the website, and you can buy links via other platforms.

Skills a Link Builder Must Possess

  1. General SEO Knowledge
    To be a successful link builder, you have to learn the SEO basics, ranking principles in the search engine, and external and internal optimization.
  2. Unique Precision
    For a link promotion to be effective, there have to be several factors involved. The link builder should meticulously select the websites for an efficient natural link mass while considering various parameters.
  3. Excellent Communication Skills
    The link builder will continuously communicate with the webmasters, donor website owners, and other specialists such as copywriters and the Internet marketer.
  4. Analytical Skills
    The expert should create an effective strategy, implement it, and track its efficiency – that is the visibility of the site in search engines. Their main daily activities include data collection and reports.

Where to Acquire the Knowledge

Internet marketing is evolving day in day out, and there are lots of opportunities with each day passing. Check out these options if you want to become a link builder:

  • SEO schools
  • Self-study – involves reading specialized books and blogs and watching videos.
  • Training as a link builder or an SEO-optimizer assistant