Significance of Interviews in Link Building and Content Marketing

Interviews are often regarded as content reserved for reporters and journalists or professions in a similar field. After all, we always think interviews should only be job interviews or interviews for the mainstream media. However, they are much more crucial and diverse than we think.

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When used the right way, interviews related to your industry can greatly benefit your content marketing strategy and link building campaign. Interviews will boost your authoritativeness in the market and enhance your ranking in the search engine.

Simple Content Creation

Conducting an interview is not one of the most straightforward tasks, but it brings along a ton of relevant and original content. Every question asked will have an answer in the form of a paragraph from the interviewee, which will carry original content for your blog. Basically, you will have three or more sentences providing the content for every sentence you write as a question.

That makes interviews a very efficient method of content generation. The other thing is that the same questions can be used for different interviews, thus minimizing the effort of the link builder and achieving maximum return.

Free Syndication

Upon being interviewed by a publisher or a company, you would want to scoop the opportunity and syndicate it immediately. When you publish or release on the internet an interview you did, the interviewee will likely syndicate it to their audience and followers. In the process, you will be sure to receive mutual publicity as you display the content.

The new audience from the interviewee’s side will also access your content on the interview which is an opportunity to grow your social profiles and following at large.

Free Backlinks

Interviews are known to create original and unique pieces of content. They will also generate quotable phrases that appear on other sources. Another blogger will always quote your interviewee or you when they want to state where the quote came from. That way, they will link to the original interview. That only means if you conduct successful interviews, you will receive a ton of new backlinks.

Authority Borrowing

If you are looking to get hold of the influencers in your niche, interviews will accord you the most viable opportunity. It is a free chance to gain additional publicity, which means many influencers will happily oblige to an interview call. It does not matter whether you are a lower authority than them; all they want is your audience’s additional publicity. And when your audience sees you interviewing and interacting with significant influencers, they will start seeing you as a higher authority company. Interviews with a couple of major influencers in your field will also make you a massive influencer in your space.

Video and Audio Options

Interviews do not have to appear in written formats alone. Written interviews indeed benefit from content marketing strategy, but audio formats can bring in recurring following like a podcast. Videos are also known to attract several clicks. Try out the diverse interviewing mediums and remember to add written transcripts to the video or audio posts. That way, you can be sure to scoop even the documented interview benefits.

Upgrading Your Expertise

Many think interviews are just for bagging more social and organic traffic or showing your company’s authoritativeness. Interacting with significant influencers and thought leaders in your space is vital to sharpening your skills-set. It is a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge in the industry and become an expert.

Asking the right questions will set you apart from the rest, and you will become a professional and thought leader in your business space.

Ongoing Interviews

Create an ongoing series of interviews that is be connected to one theme. By doing this, you will be sure to retain a sub-following that will always be ready for the next interview. They will become a recurring audience and remain loyal to your business. From such interaction, you can grow your audience over time and grab more customers for your brand.

Tips on Conducting Successful Interviews

You are probably nervous since you have never conducted an interview before; worry not as it is not a complicated process.

1. Write insightful questions

Take your time to craft critical questions for the interview. The questions ought to be thought-provoking to make the interviewee think first before answering. Research what questions have been asked there before on such an interview and craft your own unique set. Add specific items that affect the interviewee directly.

2. Find Resourceful Interviewees

For an interview to be deemed successful, you will require the best responses that respond to each question exactly as asked. Look for influencers in your space with a massive following and control a lot of audience or space in your industry. These are the best people to answer the questions correctly. Consider reaching out to them via social media or personal connections.

Do not be intimidated by their authority, even if you are still a small business. Most of these influencers will be more than happy to show up for the interview. They see it as a way to add more publicity to their brand and name, and so they will dress up and show up.

3. Do Some Practice

Before the interview happens, perform a mock interview to get familiar with the questions, the pacing, and even your pose. If you are still green, consider the written interviews, but you can do the video and audio interviews as time goes by.

4. Circulate the Material

Once the interview is over, circulate the content to establish yourself as an interviewing brand. Schedule interviews in your calendar like maybe once a month to give your business more content and authority. In case there are no interviews in your line of business, then be happy because you are offering something that competitors have left out, which will set you apart.