Content marketing to create the brand identity

Trust has got several working interpretations. It may be regarded as the firm belief in the ability of something or someone or their reliability. It could also denote an emotional connection to other people etc. Trust is a very crucial element in purchasing decisions and basically in every aspect of any relationship.

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Unfortunately, for most business owners, majority of customers distrust corporations. Of course, it is not a big surprise as it is expected, but you have to ask yourself some questions:

  • How do you show customers that your relationship is not all about their money and the transactions?
  • How do you create a trustworthy environment between the consumer and the business?

Well, these questions can only be answered by doing these two things:

Creating a brand identity

  • Advertise the brand to customers via excellent content marketing
  • Invigorate Consumer Loyalty and Trust with Impeccable Content Marketing

One thing you should understand is that content marketing primarily involves comprehending human behavior. Generally, humans are social beings, which means we strive to be part of a community with similar beings. Humans love interacting with other beings of the same species.

The concept cuts across everywhere as long as there are humans involved. Even when looking for online services or products, we will still want to be social with other beings. We tend to value the company behind the products we purchase like we appreciate our peers’ motivations, morals, and beliefs.

To efficiently bring out that similarity to your customers, you have to look for the smoothest way to bring the message home. That will only be achieved by excellent content marketing and having a strong brand identity.

Company Belief is A Crucial Tool in Loyalty and Revenue

Naturally, customers will shy away from dishonest and fluffy companies with no personality. Brand loyalty, trust, and attachment will result from shared values and beliefs between consumers and the business. You have to show your ideal audience that your culture and values align with theirs.

If you cannot tell your customers that your business culture aligns with what they believe in, they will find a brand with the same culture as theirs elsewhere. Studies have clearly indicated that if a product is created by a company consumers do not like, around 40% will find a competitor company and purchase the same product.

This is why you need to create a business tone, voice, and identity. Also, create key characteristics that talk of your values, what you believe in, and generally who you are.

Borrow Target’s Example

About 70% of Americans agree that they make purchasing decisions based on business values that align with their personal values. Do you recall when consumers boycotted Target after the brand announced the transgender bathroom policy? Their consumers at that time decided to snub the company altogether.

They posted on social platforms to air their disgust and express their concerns over their children’s safety. The consumers even share petitions via online sites. The outcome was that the brand trust was torn, and the business lost loyal customers just because of the disparity in beliefs.

However, the policy was not to make a random statement to the public, freak out the customers, or maybe push boundaries. The policy was all about inclusivity. Target was well aware of the outcome, but they remained adamant about their brand’s belief in equality and their true identity.

If your business does not have an identity, it is high time you created one and stick to what you believe in. It is who you are.

Be Creative in Content Creation

Avoid the mistake of just chunking out content. Avoid pushing the company announcements and news only in your business. News is crucial but loses value quite fast when the occasion or event happens. News will also not be inclusive of the consumers. Create content that shows the consumers that the brand has invested in them and has their needs at heart.

Sharing only the news and announcements will make you look like a self-motivated brand that is only looking for more sales and does not care about the consumers. Instead, create fun and helpful content for your brand that consumers find value in. Such content will show consumers you also care about them and not just your business. Create the content in photos, videos, or blog posts and show customers you have their needs in mind.

Promote User Experience and Interaction

For your content marketing strategy to work, you need to implement two things: positive user experience and search engine optimization. Hacking SEO does not guarantee your audience will engage with the content. Make sure the content is genuine, real quality, and honest.

The ideal way to generate trust is first defining the target personas. Now you have to evolve the personas from mere figures of inspiration to actual breathing people. Understanding your audience at a deeper level will go a long way in ensuring you create content that aligns with what they believe in.

Understanding their education level, age, location, and even gender will enable you chunk out trustworthy content and align it with what they value.

Do Not Stagnate Your Marketing Strategies

There was a time when the brand identity never mattered to the ultimate consumers. Customers would purchase products and services based on their needs and possibly from the nearest business. That was then when companies were not many, and therefore competition was still low.

The world is changing, and every day a new business will sprout offering the same products or services already in the market. That means consumers have a wide choice of variety to choose from. This makes them go for businesses that align with their values and perception. Always aim to be real and genuine to your customers while aligning your values to theirs.

However, do not compromise what you believe in as a brand, and the consumers that share the same values will remain loyal to your business.