Link Building Campaign: not just articles

Different types of content are used for content marketing. Get ideas on the content types that can boost your link building campaign.

Using conventional marketing techniques no longer cuts it in engaging and reaching customers. The advancement in digital technology has changed the way consumers behave, and it is only logical if businesses change their tactics and embrace modern marketing. is a link building service provider helping businesses grow their brands and increase their visibility through guest posting. They help companies select businesses in their niche to help them reach bigger audiences through content marketing . Guest Posting with this service gives you the benefit of having your post stay up as long as the guest’s website stays up, meaning that you will reap the benefits for a long time. Content is also not sponsored and will not reach consumers as advertisements.

Getting the right type of content for guest posting and link building is critical and determines the content marketing strategy’s success. Here are the different types of content that will take your link building Campaign to the next level. 


Whitepapers have been around for quite some time and have been instrumental in distributing informational content. They are part of link building tools that take quite a unique approach to educating an audience, and at the same time promoting the brand. 

Whitepapers have several benefits to a link building campaign. By providing expert advice through the white papers, you are going to draw admiration from your audience, who would love to connect you further. White papers also allow businesses to contribute to specific trending topics. Note that as your company shares its opinion on particular topics, it becomes visible to audiences that are contributing to the same topic. This alone is enough to draw people to your brand. 

The link builder also uses white papers to grow the mailing list by sharing interesting content with the audience. You can get them to sign up for free content and build relationships and generate leads from them.


If well designed, webinars can help you get inbound links from authority websites. You can create relevant webinars and upload them to the various social media platforms, such as YouTube and Twitter, and you can get backlinks from that. 

When posted on other platforms such as Facebook, people will share and like the content, which will, as a result, be beneficial to both your SEO and link building campaign. For your webinars to boost your link building efforts, they need to be built-in quality. That is, it should contain valuable and informative topics that are also presented by experts. If you include a known keynote speaker in your webinar, it is likely to draw the audience’s attention. 

There are many ways that you can share your webinars. For instance, you can create infographics using your webinar slides and transcribe your webinars into SEO content. To generate links using your webinars in the various formats, send surveys after the webinar and include CTAs that tell the audience to click on links or any other actions, and including clickable links in your webinars. 


Infographics can be very beneficial for your link building strategy to drive traffic to your website. With so many types of content to use for link building available, why infographics? Well, compared to most of the other types of content, infographics are enticing. 

If you create infographics that focus on trending topics, you will draw audiences’ attention and significantly drive up the traffic of the website. Infographics are considered the most important visual content. 

For your infographics to be useful in link building, it should provide the readers with relevant and valuable information. Therefore, research would be an ideal starting point for the creation of infographics.

Before you share your infographics, point out the audiences that would best consume them. Understanding your audience will help you identify the ideal content to have in the infographics and the designs they would prefer to interact with. 

Storytelling is a useful link building campaign, and you can use visuals to do it. Infographics can help create a compelling narrative that your audience will enjoy seeing and share with others.

In conclusion

Videos are yet other types of content that can promote your link building campaign. Whether it is on YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter, you can share a clickable link alongside the videos to drive traffic to your website. When done right, and using the ideal type of content for link building, there is a lot for your brand to benefit.