Link Building Mistakes to Avoid

Get information on the common mistakes that can weigh down your link building strategy.

Link building serves as an essential tool in digital marketing. If done right, it can increase your website’s visibility on search engines, boost the traffic that your website receives, and, consequently, your leads and conversions and build brand authority. is a link building service that is dedicated to growing your brand by publishing your posts on authority websites, increasing your brand’s credibility, and helping you reach more audiences and increase brand awareness. Content marketing helps brands identify the businesses in their niche, on whose websites they can publish. Once uploaded, the posts stay on the hosting websites throughout the lifeline of the website. 

You should avoid the common link building mistakes that web owners make. They include:

Posting on the wrong websites

This is the very reason that businesses are advised to do research before they start pitching to websites. Pitching to the wrong website will be like chasing the wind. Note that the idea of link building, especially through content marketing, reaches audiences that may be interested in what you are offering. That is why you should reach out to websites that are in your niche as their traffic would be beneficial to your brand. 

If you are using directories for link building campaign, you should partner with directories within your industry. When link building, there is a need to be objective in order for the efforts to help your ranks. 

Not conducting due diligence on guest posting sites

Not every website will be useful for guest posting. Most are the times that brands partner with spamming websites. Such websites are likely to go against Google guidelines, and if your brand is caught up in the middle of it, the effects can be detrimental.

Vetting also helps in vetting the relevance of a website to your operations. It is important to remember that most of the websites that will be open to guest posting might do so for their benefits. They get to enjoy free content, yet your brand gets nothing from it. 

An audit of a website will help you take note of critical things such as the traffic that the website receives within a specific duration, the quality of the posts on the platform, and how well visitors are engaged on the platform. An audit will help you establish if the website will be at all beneficial to you.

Choosing quantity over quality

This is one of the link building mistakes that you absolutely must avoid: the number of inbound links or backlinks that your website has does not matter more than their quality. That is why you would instead work with a few links that add value to the user experience. Links that are connected to irrelevant niches, for instance, are a waste of time. The number of sources of the backlinks you get on your website does not matter as much as the sources’ quality does. For instance, you would rather have one or two links from an authority website than having ten from websites that are not recognized and do not have quality traffic.

Create a content marketing strategy that will help you get backlinks from authority websites in your niche. These will come with traffic that is more likely to convert. More so, they will increase the authority of your platform. 

Creating uninteresting content

There is nothing that can kill your link building efforts faster than content that is not appealing. You should, therefore, focus on trending topics and exciting content. For people to be interested in what else your web pages have, the content they are engaging with must be exciting in the first place. Link builders claim: content is the king!

Not segmenting your audience

Just like when conducting other marketing campaigns, you need to segment your outreach. Your customers and audiences are different, and they are at various stages of the buying journey. You need to evaluate the websites you intend to publish guest posts on and identify how they can help you reach the different audiences. With that in mind, you will be able to post content that speaks to diverse audiences on different websites.

The other common link building mistake made when link building is the failure to choose anchor texts wisely. Generic anchor texts will not do much for you. It would be best if you choose anchor texts relevant to the topic and trigger the visitor to click on the link. It would help if you also used natural anchor texts. When link building, you need to maintain relevance for an effective strategy.