Ways to Build Links with Content Marketing

Content marketing is still one of the premier ways to boost your SEO by earning more links. Based on your budget, choose any of the following 11 methods to link-build with other businesses. If you carefully assess the current market, you will notice that link building is not as easy as before. We are past the days where you just bought links from higher authority websites, yet links are still among the top 3 factors for ranking.

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To rank in the current market space, you should have an impressive link profile. However, the process is not a walk in the park. It is quite hard to determine where to place more emphasis that will bring in maximum returns.

Content Marketing

For companies giving a shot at the SEO campaigns, your best gamble is applying content marketing. It may be done via several means and not just the usual guest-blogging campaign. Some companies even use infographics and data-driven studies. The truth is content marketing can be equated to a minefield. However, the good news is that you can approach the technique differently and still be successful in link acquisition.

Here are some sure ways to build links categorized by the budget required.

Content Marketing Low-Budget Strategy

Are you finding it hard to build links due to constraints on your budget? Well, maybe you are fully aware of SEO, but the funding is insufficient to cater to all the issues. Here are five content marketing techniques in link building that require a minimal budget. The only resources needed here is knowledge and time.

  • Expert Contributions

Every business has an expert, and most companies will even have several experts working for them. They are valuable assets and very useful during content marketing. Many marketers assume that linkable assets have to be an item like a blog post, an infographic, or an eBook.

However, people are more attractive to publishers than these items. Journalists are not subject experts, but they should utilize specialists’ advice to add more relevance and meaning to their articles. Connect with journalists using HARO (Help A Reporter Out) and add some specialist advice on the topic they wish to cover.

  • Case Studies

If your work is outstanding, why not showcase it to the world? People love to hear how their peers conduct their link building, and technically there is a lot one can collect from a well-researched case study.

By sharing insights on a case study on social platforms and in your networks you can gain links from higher-authority publications. As long as a case study is detailed, insightful, and data-driven, send it to editors for different journals in your niche. Most of these editors are on the lookout for experts looking to share guidance and advice.

  • Expert Roundups

Even though people say this technique is not as effective as before, it is still a cost-effective method to earn links from specialists and bloggers. It is also known as “ego-bait” since people love sharing information about themselves.

If you can make 20 or even 50 experts to contribute to a roundup, there is a high possibility they will link back if they have an ‘in the press’ or ‘As seen in’ page. To gain maximum links using this low-budget technique, check for bloggers that actively link to resources that feature them.

Warning: Do not respond to requests you are not an expert in. Save that time to respond to requests you have a full understanding of. That will save you lots of time and money and ultimately land you top-tier links.

However, the top tip in this technique is to ensure you communicate with the experts.

  • Long-form Guides

Whether your business is a B2C or B2B, these long-form guides are a fantastic way to earn links contextually and via the resource pages. And the reason is quite simple. It is because longer content has more information, which means it adds value to the topic in question. Everyone will want to link to resourceful pages and posts.

The initial step is understanding what your audience is asking. From there, you create guides that answer their questions better than any other content on the internet.

To best understand questions asked, use forums like Quora and Google Autocomplete to act as inspiration for your content.

Interviews can be time-consuming, but if you can interview experts and host them on your blog, you can earn more links. During the interview, make sure you focus on the main points that affect your audience. Discuss the topics you know they are more interested in.

The main issue with link building is adding value to your audience. If you can add value to their lives, be sure to bag more and more links.

Content Marketing Mid-Budget Strategy

If you have the funds for additional services in link building strategy like PR experts, in-house designers, then your arsenal just got bigger and better.

  • Infographics

High-quality infographics are still a marvelous way to earn links though the technique’s reputation has been hit in recent years. The reason for that is that there were many low-quality infographics going rounds some years back. Publishers want to see a video or an image that stands out with high-quality resolutions to consider linking it.

The main point here is creating a unique infographic that has actionable takeaways. That is the only way you can attract bloggers and the top publishers in your space.

  • Collaborate with other brands

You can earn links from bloggers and publishers by collaborating on a content campaign with another brand. For example, if you are a bed retailer, you could team up with another brand on a road safety charity to educate people on the risks posed by drowsy driving.

Through the campaign, you will showcase your expertise by stating the significance of peaceful night sleep. Two teams promoting the campaign and content will categorically boost the possibilities of a movement.

  • Research Papers & Whitepapers

If you can put together a whitepaper and even conduct successful research on your own, then you can be sure to earn more industry-specific links. That is because, by analysis, you are adding more value to a given topic. However, that happens more to the B2B companies, but it doesn’t mean B2C companies cannot do it.

Research a given topic with the local university and provide the results to the industry-relevant press. As long as the study has meaningful data, a real story, and valuable insights, it is sure to bring in more links.

  • Local PR

Whether you are an international or national company, do not assume the local publications. Online publications and regional newspapers are ideal for:

  • Landing news coverage or
  • Contribute guidance and expert advice to the audience

Remember that local publications have lots of resources, which means they will take in high-quality stories and content for:

  • It is easy to take a superbly-written article and make a few edits
  • Their main task is sharing local success stories

Many businesses overlook these local publications and go for more significant publications but have in mind that the local links are more comfortable to win, and you will still retain a high level of authority.

Content Marketing High-Budget Strategy

If you are among the high rollers with good  budgets for campaigns, then you can make good use of these two techniques. With over $2,000 for campaigns, you probably could think of BRAND INDENTIY  boosting rather than SEO. However, do not forget to analyze your ideas’ viability before deciding to go ahead with the link building campaign since you are on a high budget.

  • Surveys

Surveys are costly, but they provide you with something that is not easily found anywhere – unique data. If you can create stories based on the data collected by your organization via a survey, then your content will be highly attractive to industry publications and newspapers.

The results and stories of the survey must be interesting to attract a more comprehensive array of audiences. Please have in mind that you will need at least 2,000 respondents for the media to call it an authentic research. Remember to follow up outreach using a link reclamation campaign to increase the number of unlinked brand mentions.

  • Build your brand and become an authority in the niche

Building your brand is not an easy task, to be honest with you. Creating a top authority brand and the ‘go-to’ expert is not a walk in the park, and it takes a lot of time. However, when you do it right, the technique can be very useful.

Look at it from this perspective. Having built an audience over the years that see you as a leader in your line of business; you can be sure to grab more and more links. You can consider:

  • Writing a guest post for a publication
  • Respond to HARO requests, and as a respected industry figure, your response will be a priority
  • Reach out to media publications with insights on a given topic, and you can be sure they will use your input.

Study what the big brands did in creating high authority personal brands via a combination of social media, video content, public speaking, and column writing.

Content marketing is still among the most effective ways to grab links and boost your SEO campaign. Always ensure in whatever means you use to build links, you add value to your audience.